Electrotherapy finds its use in many fields, not just in physiotherapy but also in cosmetics, neurology etc. As far as physiotherapy goes, electrotherapy has been widely considered a remarkable innovation. Electrotherapy is an on-going practice that is being considered on an experimental basis, and not to mention, in clinical aspect for the treatment of patients all around the world. Electrotherapy has been a part of the focus for many medical professionals that it has been thoroughly researched on all kinds of people with different medical conditions and have offered their opinion. The main idea is to transfer physical energy such as electrical or sound into a human biologic system. This therapy helps to reduce pain, decreases muscle tension, increases relaxation effect on the muscles, and has more beneficial effects.

Can women in their first, second or third trimester get electrotherapy?

No. Electrotherapy may affect the mother and the child during the pregnancy. However, during the labor research and literature suggest no harm has ever been induced and it is completely safe. A lot of women have used electrotherapy during the labor for lower back to decrease pain.

Is electrotherapy considered safe for people with cardiac issues?

For some conditions electrotherapy can be performed on people who have heart conditions, however there is a considerable precaution that the physiotherapist must undertake, patients need to mention about their condition and discuss with the physiotherapist prior the treatment. Many contraindications highly suggest to eliminate electrotherapy sessions for cardiac patients, especially for those who are implanted with a pacemaker.

Is there any precaution for patients who have neurological disabilities?

That would depend on the condition of the neurological disorder or disabilities. For instance, people who suffer from epilepsy should have a proper medical recommendation based on their health and nervous condition.

Do I need my doctor’s approval to receive electrotherapy?

That would depend on your condition. Usually, electrotherapy is provided by qualified physiotherapists, it is safe to say that you don’t require your doctor’s approval. However, if you have sensitive skin, malignancy, pace maker, metal implants, pregnancy, or mental issues, you should discuss the issue with the physiotherapist or your doctor to be sure of the treatment.

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