The benefits of Laser therapy in physiotherapy are not only numerous but most importantly are well praised and acknowledged by every physiotherapist around the world. Laser therapy, also known as BioFlex Laser helps remove the pain without relying on surgical techniques or medication that could have adverse effects on the patient. BioFlex Laser ensures that the normal motion and functions are restored leaving no adverse effect to the patient’s health. This method of treatment does not rely on drugs or medication and is a great alternative if traditional treatments have not been effective on the patient’s health.

BioFlex Laser does not burn and harm the tissue, as it is anticipated from the Laser treatments, instead, it helps cool the inner inflammation and accelerates the healing process at an exponential pace along with no adverse effects.

How is Laser therapy different from other modes of treatment?

Laser therapy is different in a broad perspective as it helps the tissues heal from the inside with physiological effects: increase cellular metabolism, release endorphins, helps with angiogenesis, regulates immune response and increase cortisol level. Instead of surgically addressing the problem, laser treatment helps by penetrating inside the targeted area and heals it in a very quick amount of time.

Is Laser therapy recommended for athletes and professional sportsperson?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, most of the athletes and performers who have to keep their bodies working and stable at all times seek laser therapy for any sort of physiotherapeutic discomfort and pain.

Is this treatment recommended for arthritis patients?

Yes, in fact, patients facing join inflammation and problems are more than welcome to discuss their condition and see if they are comfortable with this mode of healing.

Is there any way that Laser treatment can be harmful?

While there are no apparent side effects and people of all ages can get healed through laser treatment however exclusion does exist for people who are photosensitive, women during pregnancy or anyone who is using cancer treatment or experience thyroid problems. Bioflex laser treatment is safe over pacemakers and metal implants.

Doesn’t laser burn the tissues can be harmful to the overall body?

Not at all. In fact, this laser treatment focuses on reversing the inflammation that is caused in joints. The laser is applied at a low intensity which restores the normal function of the cell, therefore removing the pain.

Does the treatment help cure the pain in one visit?

That would depend on the nature of the pain and the symptom. If the pain is minor, a few visits should suffice, however, if you visit for the treatment at a later stage, the visits will depend on the nature and the condition of your pain.

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