WORKPLACE INJURY (WSIB) physiotherapy and massage therapy can be beneficial with many work injuries and help people to improve their mobility and strength. These injuries can be serious and even hinder us from returning to work for long periods of time. They can reduce our overall quality of life and increase stress levels. Consider our clinic to help you return to work safely and soundly. We will take your individual needs into consideration and build a unique plan with you and your place of employment to help you get on the road to recovery and healing, one step at a time. We also strive to teach you ways to prevent future workplace injuries. the following is a list of steps you should take if you experience an injury at work:

  1. contact your workplace right away to inform them of your injury. A claim will need to be started and your workplace will help you with the required paperwork for your claim.
  2. attend a doctor’s office to discuss your injury with a physician.
  3. if you have not seen a doctor, our clinic can set up an appointment with you after your injury occurs and assess you on the spot.
  4. our clinic will help you complete the medical part of your paperwork for WSIB (Form 8 or a Functional Ability Form (FAF)).
  5. our clinic will be in touch with your employer to help you make a safe and easy transition back to work when you are fit to do so. We may also be in touch with your doctor if necessary.

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