The massage session is not only a charming procedure but also helpful in all respects. The use of massage is truly multifaceted and complex. Massage favorably affects the skin, the, muscles, nervous and respiratory system. That’s why many after the massage feel like they were born anew. Of course, the massage is different, and the back massage is very different from the facial massage, but the result is always very good and influence on the organism in hard to underestimate.

However, it should be borne in mind that massages of the medical type, especially those related to the spine and face area should be conducted exclusively by specialists. Otherwise, only harm can be done.

As you know, the skin is the first conductor of the nervous system. nervous endings it is connected with the whole organism. And in this respect the massage is universal. They can both relax and excite the nervous system.

Moreover, massage affects the peripheral NA. And this means that the massage improves the conductivity of the nerve endings, thereby strengthening the reflex connections between the cerebral cortex with muscles, the circulatory system, and internal organs. It also speeds up the regeneration process (if the nerve is damaged), improves tropism of tissues, weakens or completely relieves pain.

The effect of massage on the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems

Do not be frightened, we will not talk about such passions as direct cardiac massage. Nevertheless, many people are wondering how the massage that is at the top can affect the muscle, which is at the very bottom.

Everything is very simple. Everyone noticed that the massed areas turn red. This is due to the fact that the massage widens the lumen of the vessels and activates the operation of reserve capillaries (if an average of 31 active capillaries is present before the massage, then 1400 on average). As a result, the blood supply to the surface of not only the massaged area but also the adjacent organs is increased. However, the blood no longer becomes and from where it does not come from, it just casts from the internal organs, thereby facilitating the work of the left atrium and ventricle, increasing the pumping ability of the heart muscle. In particular, stagnant phenomena in both circles of the circulation are eliminated.

The almost identical process occurs with the lymphatic system. And this is superfluous proof that anti-cellulite massage and its effectiveness is not a myth invented by cosmetologists for earning.

Among other things, the effect of massage on the circulatory system is expressed in the increase in the number of leukocytes and hemoglobin, and most importantly – red blood cells, which is important for patients with anemia.

Talk about the benefits of massage can be endless, this topic is devoted to whole books. We will not go into medical subtleties, and, finally, only say that the massage normalizes all the functions of the body. Tonifies

According to polls, most people attend massages to relax and relieve stress. The relaxing effect of massage is known to everyone and, moreover, it has a solid scientific evidence base. However, some people sometimes find it difficult to relax during a massage.

There are many factors that prevent relaxation, and now we list the most common.

Nervous stress – the stress associated with your work can prevent you from enjoying the massage if you find it difficult to get rid of thoughts of working during the session.
If you constantly think about your business, deadlines, meetings, and plans, naturally, there can not be any relaxation. Gradually you will learn how to purify your mind before a massage and meditation and yoga can be a great help.
Unaccustomed. If you come to the first massage session in your life or have been replaced by a massage therapist, light anxiety is natural. In the end, you are in an unusual place and an unfamiliar person touches you. Again, time heals!
Oppression. Many clients are embarrassed by the masseuse because of certain physiological characteristics, such as abundant hair, varicose veins, acne, or overweight. Constant thoughts about this simply do not allow people to relax during the session. Do not forget that the masseur is primarily a doctor, his task is to help you.

If you are one of those who experience such inconveniences, then the following advice is for you!

  1.  Try breathing exercises before the session. A lot of techniques can be found on the Internet. This gymnastics helps to relax, but the most important plus is the convenience of such techniques – you can practice this gym just before the session.
  2.  Try not to plan as much as possible after the massage, so that after the session you can immediately go home to rest. Agree, how nice to lie down after a massage in the bathroom!
  3.  If you are shy of your body, keep in mind the idea that you are not the first person with whom a massage therapist works and is not the last. There are no ideal people, but every person is worthy of respect and attention. A professional masseur never pays attention to any physiological characteristics – he is trying to help you, and just does his job.
  4.  If during a session you always get anxious thoughts in your head, learn to concentrate on sensations or create a simple mantra for yourself. For example, “I’m relaxed,” and concentrate on it. Also, you can simply count up to a hundred in your mind.
  5.  Close your eyes. During the massage, no visual information is needed – sensations, sensations and once again sensations!
  6.  Sometimes people find it difficult to relax because the room is too hot or too cold. Always look for a massage therapist!
  7.  Do not forget that just before the session it is better not to eat anything heavy. Easy salad and water – a pledge of well-being during the session!