Spinal Manipulation ensures that everything is done to relax your spine if it is causing any pain that can be easily cured and handle through physical manipulation such as massage, back exercise, spine adjustment or physical workout. The motive of the Spinal Manipulation is to ensure that the wherever the back is troubling, the right area is located with an experienced physiotherapist who can restore spine to normal position by applying passive manual impulse to the effected joint. It is done without engaging any course of medication but regular visits are expected based on the condition of the patient.

How long does spinal manipulation take place?

Each session of spinal manipulation comprises of 30-50 minutes. Every session that takes place help restore your spine to its normal position. As far as the number of sessions go, that would depend on the condition of the spine. Perhaps 3-5 session may suffice the purpose or you might have to undergo a number of sessions for a matter of weeks of months.

Is spinal manipulation safe as compared to other procedures?

Spinal manipulation is scientifically safe and reliable as compared to other procedures. Instead of going for surgery or other procedures involving medication and other means of drugs, spinal manipulation ensures that the spinal problems are resolved by applying adequate force from the outside instead of inducing medicines or chemicals into the body.

Are there any harmful effects of spinal manipulation?

There are no adverse effects of spinal manipulation. However, spinal manipulation may not be right for you if you are undergoing cancer treatment; experience pathology of bone weakness; have neurological conditions: cauda equina, nerve root or cord compression; or have cardiac issues such as joints’ bleeding, aortic aneurism. To ensure that you are safe from any possible complications it is important to let your physiotherapist know all about your medical history before you decide to go for spinal manipulation.

Are you supposed to seek your doctor’s permission before you opt spinal manipulation?

If you don’t have any special condition which was mentioned in previous question, you can always go for spinal manipulation without having to seek your doctor’s approval. However, if you wish to ensure, yourself you can always let your doctor know about spinal manipulation before going for it.

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