MOTOR VEHICLEACCIDENT (MVA) Slippery road conditions are one of the many reasons why people sometimes find themselves in vehicle collisions. Sometimes, these collisions are minor, and other times, they are more serious. In either case, the body undergoes stress and damage. Massage therapy and physiotherapy can help target these problem areas in the body and help you to safely recover from injury, enhancing your quality of life. As with a workplace injury, an injury caused by a vehicle collision will require an assessment in order to determine the best type of therapy for your individual injuries. Our clinic submits treatment sessions directly to your insurance provider , helping you with the headache of paperwork so you can recover faster. Most claims are minor injury claims, while some others are labelled “catastrophic.” We work alongside other health practitioners as it is sometimes required to have multiple kinds of therapy to help treat more serious injuries. We will also work alongside your doctor if necessary. Our clinic will complete the necessary insurance forms such as (OCF 3), (OCF 23, OCF 18 or MIG). We will also gather all diagsnostics such as X-Rays, MRI’s and CT scans which helps us to create a special treatment plan built for you and your unique requirements. This ensures a quicker and more inclusive and more reliable road to recovery. Please be advised that sometimes, injuries can show up some time after the initial collision. If you are involved in a collision, we advise you to call us and make an appointment with us t come in for an assessment, even if there are no obvious symptoms yet.

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