What is Physiotherapy?2018-04-19T08:33:31-04:00

Physiotherapy is the treatment of physical injuries as well as movement problems. Moreover, physiotherapy intends to prevent such injuries. Prevention measures along with necessary education and awareness help patients gain the highest possible level of independent functioning.
A physiotherapist is often referred as a physical therapist. Both terms hold the same meaning.

What is Massage Therapy?2018-04-19T08:33:39-04:00

Massage Therapy is also known as a Swedish massage. Therapists may use hands, palms, elbows and fingers to maximize the effect of the treatment. Massage practitioners prefer lotions, creams or oils to decrease friction between massage therapist’s palms and client’s working area that will increase sliding effect on the skin. The main idea is a soft tissue manipulation to increase local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Massage also helps to reduce stress, muscles tension and increase both physical and mental relaxation

Why should someone see a Physiotherapist?2018-04-19T08:37:32-04:00

A Physiotherapist may help you with some of the common problems such as:

  • Muscle and tendons injuries such as strains and sprains which require immediate care due to swelling, pain and tenderness.
  • Rehabilitation of muscles after injuries, fractures or post surgery recovery.
  • Neurological problems: nerve impingement, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, muscle dystrophies or head injuries.
  • Bone problems: Osteoporosis, jaw problems, bone fractures
  • Headaches or any chronic pain symptoms
  • Motor vehicle injuries (MVA)
  • Work Injuries (WSIB)
Why should someone see a Massage Therapist?2018-04-19T08:34:54-04:00

Massage is clinical-oriental method for:

  • Reduction stress and anxiety
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Improve lymphatic drainage
  • Speed up healing process
  • Eliminate muscle tension points (Trigger Points)
  • Improve general health
  • Prevent many conditions related to stress or muscle tension
What should I expect during my first visit?2018-04-16T15:55:19-04:00

During your initial visit a specialist will ask you questions related to your condition as well as questions regarding your past injuries, illnesses, medication, even medical reports in order to get a broad and clear sense of your health.

After that, the specialist will perform a physical examination, provide a physical diagnosis, and create a treatment protocol. Depending on the length of your initial appointment the first treatment session might also be performed during your first assessment visit.

What should I bring to my Appointment?2018-04-16T15:55:36-04:00

For your first appointment: Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment so you will have time to fill forms and we can create your new patient file.

Please do remember to put on comfortable loose clothes so that the injured or troubling body part stays easy accessible for the examination. For example, track pants or shorts for injuries in the lower half of your body. We request that you remove your shoes at the entrance, so you may want to bring indoor shoes or slippers.

For MVA: Please also bring your case number, information of your case adjuster (name, phone number and fax number), driving license, your car insurance information, your employment information, lawyer’s contact information (if applicable) and any relevant information (i.e. doctor’s referral, MRI or x-ray reports) with you.

Do I need a referral from a doctor for a Physiotherapy or Massage Therapy?2018-04-16T15:55:53-04:00

Patients do not require a referral to be treated by a Physiotherapist or Massage Therapist. However, some private insurance companies do demand a doctor’s referral. Please check with your private insurance company before making an appointment.

Is my treatment covered by OHIP?2018-04-16T15:56:10-04:00

Please do bear in mind that Physiotherapy or Massage treatments are not covered by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (OHIP). However, if you have an extended health benefits plan, it may fully or partially reimburse your fee. For more details please contact your insurance company or check your policy for details.

How long is a typical Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy session?2018-04-16T15:58:30-04:00

Based on the type of your treatment and the duration of a consultation period with the therapist, our receptionist will be able to book you an appointment of 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour according to your individual case.

How many sessions do I need?2018-04-16T15:59:34-04:00

Depending on the scope and severity of a condition, the number of treatments may vary from patient to patient. The clients’ progress and recovery depend on several factors that our physiotherapist will discuss with you personally.

Advanced Therapy specialists will create a treatment plan for you based on your initial assessment. All updates and progress will be verified with you.

What are the cost?2018-04-19T08:38:25-04:00

Please do bear in mind that Physiotherapy or Massage therapy offered by a private clinic is not covered by OHIP. We accept debit, cash and cheques. Unfortunately, not every massage therapist accept debit in our clinic. Also, we regret to inform you that Credit Cards or Master cards are not accepted. Please call our clinic for more details and the service fee rates

What will happen if I miss an appointment?2018-04-19T08:39:06-04:00

You may cancel your appointment without change anytime before 24 hour preceding your appointment and we will do our best to find a time to reschedule your appointment. If you cancel your appointment within less than 24 hours you will be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the schedule service price

Do we bill insurance company directly?2018-04-16T16:00:51-04:00

We do not perform direct billing; all fees are paid by clients at the time of their treatment. A detailed receipt will be provided which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement depending on your plan.

I had a car accident. Is my treatment covered by MVA insurance?2018-04-19T08:39:54-04:00

Your MVA claims adjuster will let you know if your claim is accepted. You will be responsible for paying fee for initial assessment if your claim will not be cover by MVA


Do specialists in your clinic have appropriate qualifications and training?2018-04-19T08:40:21-04:00

Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists must hold the necessary academic training and follow the professional standards during their practice. A physiotherapist must be registered by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario https://www.collegept.org. Massage Therapist must be regulated by The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) www.cmto.com. You might check information regarding each specialist in our clinic by vising to the website above and typing in their registration numbers of our practitioners

What if your service was not great and I am not satisfied with it?2018-04-16T16:02:14-04:00

Your experience is very important to us. If you did not find our services up to your satisfaction – feel free to provide us with your honest feedback on any given issue. A successful treatment is based on good communication between you and your specialist. We are open to suggestion and committed to finding ways to make our clients happy.

If, however, you found your experience with us exceptional – we encourage you to refer our services to your friends and family.

My doctor had recommended me to go for another clinic, should I go there?2018-04-16T16:02:38-04:00

You by yourself should decide which clinic to go to. For many of our client we are the first choice among other physiotherapy clinics; others find us after trying other clinics. Some of our client prefer physiotherapy/massage sessions of longer durations and, unlike majority of other clinics, we are able to accommodate it.

I am not sure whether to use cold or hot applications on my injured area:2018-04-16T16:02:49-04:00

Ice can be used in the first 24 hours with symptoms that include bruises or spasms, or after an injury to decrease swelling, bleeding and pain. It also helps to lower soft tissue damage from spreading to the other areas.

Even though heat can also provide sensation of alleviated pain – heat should be avoided at all costs in the first 24 hours after the injury. Heat can only be used for chronic conditions to decrease muscle spasms, chronic pain and increase muscle circulation in the effected area.

For more details on how to use Ice and Heat please contact our clinic for consultation.

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    The best of the best. Experienced and effective! I have been a patient of this clinic for the last 4 years..Their professional massage therapy helped on my lower back pain. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get bounce back quickly! I also like the flexibility.

    Irina Kovler

    I can’t express the tremendous appreciation for the incredibly thorough examination and treatment by Vasily Zagrebalov, Nikoly Zagrebailov and Irina Kashina. ALL my issues and concerns have been handled with professionalism, interest, and patience. It was also encouraging that team at Advanced Physiotherapy explained what my challenges are and the positive vibe that I will be able to return to a life filled with many athletic endeavors. A tremendous facility and incredible staff with additional services.

    L Victos

    My family and I have gone for the last 10 years and we always have great results. Treatment sessions are effective and everyone is very professional. Highly recommend it.

    Vladimir Melikian

    I have gone to see Nikolay a handful of times and have had nothing but a positive experience. He is educated, punctual and knows what he is talking about. I had a horrible injury and after just a few sessions, I am able to play hockey again. Highly recommend!

    Keaton O'Leary

    I changed my opinion about physiotherapy usefulness after visiting the place. Relly helped

    Victor Apanovitch

    The best of the best.Experience and effective! I have been a patient of this clinic for the last 4 year..There professional massage therapy helped on my lower back pain .Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get bounce back quickly! I also like the flexibility.

    Meaghan Esser
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